Getting a roadworthy certificate is crucial if you are planning to sell or renew your registration. Every vehicle in Australia should pass the safety inspection test to obtain this certification. This ensures the government that the vehicle can be driven safely on the roads without causing any trouble. If you are looking for a standard technician who could inspect, repair or replace your vehicle’s parts to upgrade its safety and performance, then we are your go-to place.

We offer standard and complete overhauling service for your small and heavy vehicles in Acacia Ridge and its surroundings at reasonable rates. Since your safety is our highest priority, our licensed technicians will take each step of the inspection process crucially with complete care. Right from the engine to brakes, each part of your vehicle will be overhauled to see whether it complies with the government’s safety standards.

So the next time, don’t worry if your vehicle fails in the test, bring it directly to us. Our mechanics will do the necessary repairs and even replace the parts with the new one to help you pass the inspection test. Note that we don’t charge extra to re-inspect your vehicle if the repairs are completed within a week.

All we aim is to provide the right service ensuring high performance and safety for your vehicle, as per standards. Call our team to schedule your vehicle’s inspection.

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