If you are driving a vehicle with braking systems left unchecked for months or hearing unusual sounds, then it’s time to overhaul and repair them immediately. Here, at AMH Auto Repairs, we have in-house qualified mechanics who can handle all your brake system issues efficiently to help you be on roads safely. Remember, driving a vehicle with damaged brakes will put your life and your family’s in grave danger. So, get it checked often.

You can get our expert advice and know the brake system problem by simply making a call to us. We will make the arrangements in advance with the provided info before you drop at our store. All we aim is to provide the right help with the shortest time possible.

If, at any case, you find it difficult to explain your brake system problems to us, here we have listed a few symptoms to give you a heads-up and explain your issues correctly. So, if your brake system is dealing with issues, then you may experience:

  1. Spongy brakes
  2. Harder pedals
  3. Grinding or scraping sounds
  4. Dips forward or towards side during brakes
  5. Unsteady steering
  6. Warning lights
  7. No brake fluid left

Feel free to make a call to us when you need any information or guidance on your braking system. To schedule an appointment, email us or ring us to 0413 483 759

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